Press Coverage and Releases

Welcome to the News Center for Black Alphabet Film Festival where we will share our upcoming events,
press coverage and published releases. We encourage you to become familiar with Black Alphabet and ask
that you check back frequently for news and video updates/announcements about the festival and other
events throughout the year.

Black Alphabet is committed to keeping our community informed about new LGBTQ films along with the
artists and filmmakers that serve our community both locally and nationally. Be sure to check both our
Facebook and Twitter feeds and pages regularly for up to the minute news and updates.

Press releases are distributed via email, and are also available online. To be added to the press list to
receive releases, please email David Dodd at

Photos/Film Stills

A selection of photographs for Black Alphabet Film Festival are available and can be accessed under Our Galleries by going to our photos page or clicking the Flickr icon at the bottom of this page. Film stills can be supplied upon request as the films are selected.