2019, Black Alphabet NFP

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Volunteer  Request Info.

Dedicate your time and talent by assisting us at our events. Volunteers may assist with pre-event setup, checking in guests, tending event tables, and more.

Advisor  Request Info.

Contribute your professional expertise by enlisting as a Black Alphabet Advisor.

Board Positions  Request Info.

Outreach Director

Find creative ways to solicit sponsorships, raise funding, write grants, and secure other donations to support the programming of Black Alphabet.


Programming Manager

Plan and developing outstanding arts-based programming to support the mission of Black Alphabet. Work with other board members to handle logistics of each event.

Social Media & Design Manager

Keep our web site, social media, and online and printed marketing materials fresh and attractive. Regular posts and blasts are important to build awareness.

Curation Manager

Source high quality films, pieces, and performances for our arts-based programming.

Venue Manager

Build a pipeline of venues that are suitable for Black Alphabet programming. Assess size, price, availability, amenities, restrictions and present the most appropriate venue for each Black Alphabet program.