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The Black Alphabet Film Festival began in 2013 in response to the lack of representation of films that tell the unique stories of the Black LGBTQ/SGL+ community. Now in its 10th year of existence, the Festival continues to promote filmmakers and stories that portray the diverse people and experiences of the community, as well as create opportunities to have discussions with filmmakers that are centered around those unique experiences.

The Festival currently operates in two permanent locations (Chicago & Cincinatti), and since the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, also continues to feature a virtual component to allow access to a wider audience.

If you are a director or filmmaker, you may submit your film for screening at one or more upcoming festivals or events.

You may review a list of past films screened by Black Alphabet, and get information about the films.

Visit the Upcoming Events page for more information, or to reserve tickets for the upcoming events.

Saturday, October 14, 2023

Screening Time
Mikey's Army
11:00 AM
Womb Envy
11:10 AM
A Trip
11:25 AM
11:40 AM
The Dancer: The Beautiful & Tragic Life of Gerard Alexander
11:50 AM
Sunday's Child
12:25 PM
12:35 PM
Youssou & Malek
12:45 PM
Kokomo City
1:30 PM
Permissible Beauty
3:05 PM
Get Free
3:30 PM
Still We Thrive
3:35 PM
Who Am I Becoming
3:40 PM
For My Brother: The Legacy of Joseph Beam
4:10 PM
Woman Meets Girl
4:40 PM
Exposed: Back To Black
4:55 PM
Why You Have To Be Black & Gay
5:20 PM
5:35 PM
A Little Piece of Heaven
6:00 PM
A Little Piece of Heaven - Talkback
7:30 PM

Sunday, October 15, 2023

Screening Time
10:30 AM
Call Me Kuchu
12:00 PM
Out of Uganda
1:50 PM
Someone Like Me
3:55 PM
Post-Film Discussion & Stories
6:10 PM
Cultural Program & Celebration
8:40 PM
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