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Darryl and Sampson Talk About Black Alphabet at Cincinnati Black Pride.

Sampson: Hello Honey, It's Sampson McCormick

Darryl: and Darryl Stephens

Sampson: and we're here excited to be a part of Cincinnati Black Pride and a part of 2019 Black Alphabet Film Festival, where we'll be screening our new film, A Different Direction, and your other film...

Darryl: Congo Cabaret

Sampson: Oh, hell yeah. So what you wanna do is make sure to meet us tonight, Thursday, June 20th at the Esquire Theater at 6pm to meet us and see these wonderful films.

Darryl: We are also here thanks to the support of the Human Rights Campaign in support of the Equality Act which provide[s] Federal protection for LGBTQ people. So show up, show out, and let's party.

Sampson: I will drink to that.


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