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Jordan E. Cooper: A Beacon of Creativity and Representation

This Black History Month, we spotlight Jordan E. Cooper, a luminous figure in theater and television. His selection as one of OUT Magazine's 'Entertainers Of The Year' is a testament to his extraordinary talents and the impact of his work.

A series of impressive milestones mark Jordan's journey in the arts. His play "Ain't No Mo, " which enjoyed a sold-out run, was a New York Times Critic's Pick and a groundbreaking work that left an indelible mark on Broadway. This play and winning an OBIE Award established Jordan as a formidable playwright and performer.

Jordan displayed his adaptability and creativity in the film world with 'Mama Got A Cough,' a short film themed around the pandemic. This work is in National Geographic. Still, it was also acclaimed as 'Best Of 2020' by The New York Times, showcasing his ability to capture contemporary issues' nuances with humor and depth.

But Jordan's influence extends beyond the stage and screen. As the creator and executive producer of 'The Ms. Pat Show' on BET+, he has ventured into television, bringing to life an R-rated sitcom that has already made waves for its bold and unapologetic storytelling. This project, in particular, demonstrates his skill in navigating different formats while maintaining a consistent thread of engaging and relevant content.

His versatility as an artist is further highlighted by his role as 'MC Tyrone' in the final season of the acclaimed FX series 'Pose.' Here, Jordan's performance adds another layer to his already rich tapestry of work, illustrating his range as an actor and his commitment to bringing diverse stories to the forefront.

Jordan E. Cooper's trajectory in the arts is not just a series of personal achievements but a beacon for representation and inclusivity. His work breaks barriers, challenges norms, and opens doors for stories often left untold. His recognition by OUT Magazine is more than well-deserved; it reflects his role as a trailblazer in the arts community.

As we celebrate Black History Month, Jordan E. Cooper stands out as a figure who represents the achievements of the past and the promise of the future. His work is a reminder of the power of art to effect change, challenge perceptions, and celebrate the richness of diverse experiences. Jordan's journey is an inspiration, an example of how creativity, passion, and a commitment to representation can create a lasting impact in the world of arts and beyond.

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