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Manasseh: The Psychedelic Soul of Chicago's South Side

Manasseh, an emerging musical maestro from the South Side of Chicago, is not just a name but a vivid embodiment of R&B's transformative power. His debut album, "Monochromatic Dream," released on March 29, 2022, is not merely a collection of songs but a heartfelt embrace for the ears and soul. This album, a rich tapestry of sound, draws deeply from Manasseh's gospel-filled childhood, weaving a kaleidoscopic sound that transcends the boundaries of traditional R&B.

Growing up in Woodlawn before moving to West Englewood, Manasseh's musical journey began under the influence of his mother, a dedicated church singer. This profound gospel foundation laid the groundwork for his expansive musical exploration. The album "Monochromatic Dream" is a testament to this journey, with songs that touch upon Manasseh's history and deep-rooted gospel upbringing. For example, the track "13" is inspired by Psalm 13, a scripture that has resonated with him since childhood.

What makes Manasseh's sound unique is his ability to blend a myriad of genres. His foray into music beyond gospel began with Brandy's self-titled debut on cassette, opening a universe of musical genres. This explorative spirit is evident in his album, which spans gospel, disco, R&B, pop, soul, and house music, offering a nine-track journey through his diverse musical influences.

Manasseh's approach to music is not just about blending sounds but also about crafting meaningful lyrics. He aims to create songs that resonate like mantras, encouraging listeners to embrace empowering messages. This philosophy makes his album a musical journey and an act of self-care and healing for both the artist and his audience.

Moreover, Manasseh's artistry is enhanced by his collaboration with his band, The Fam, and other artists. The Fam, comprising talented individuals like Brandon Cameron on drums and percussion, Blake Davis on vocals, Lisha Denise on vocals, Lamonté Norwood on bass and key bass, and Remon Sanders on keys, brings a rich and diverse musical experience to the table. Each member, with their unique background and expertise, contributes to the distinctive sound of Manasseh's music.

Manasseh's impact extends beyond his music. He is deeply ingrained in the Chicago music scene, known for his session/vocal coaching, songwriting, and arranging. His contributions to the local community are not limited to his performances but also include mentoring and supporting emerging artists in Chicago, fostering a thriving and supportive musical environment.

As Manasseh continues to make waves in the music industry, his story is not just one of musical evolution but also of community, inspiration, and the power of blending diverse musical traditions. His work celebrates personal history, community roots, and the endless possibilities of musical expression.

In essence, Manasseh's "Monochromatic Dream" is more than an album; it's a journey through the soulful depths of Chicago's R&B scene, a narrative woven with threads of gospel, family, and personal experiences, all set against the backdrop of the vibrant South Side.


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